Resolving Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics Workspace Access Issues (Error Code 403)

Are you encountering a frustrating “Failed to load one or more resources due to no access error code 403” message while trying to access your Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics Workspace? Don’t worry; you’re not alone, and there’s a solution!

Understanding the Issue

This error may occur even if your user account has Owner permissions for the entire resource group. The root cause lies in the distinction between Azure Role-based access control (RBAC) and Synapse RBAC.

  • Azure RBAC manages workspace creation, updates, and deletions.
  • Synapse RBAC, on the other hand, controls actions within the workspace, such as executing code and accessing data services.

Accessing the Synapse Workspace without correct permissions will lead to the following error:

Failed to load one or more resources due to no access error code 403.

  • Pipeline
  • Dataset
  • Linked service
  • Trigger
  • Data Flow
  • SQL script
  • Spark job definition
  • Credential
  • Synapse KGL scripts
  • Lake databases
  • Apache Spark configuration

Please refresh or troubleshot the connectivity issue.

Resolving the Issue

To regain access, you need Synapse Administrator rights within the “Manage Tab” of Microsoft Synapse Analytics Workspace. Only Synapse Administrators can assign Synapse RBAC roles.

  1. Ensure you have Synapse Administrator rights.
  2. Validate your Synapse role assignments using Synapse Studio, not Azure Portal.
  3. Check for role assignments at the appropriate scope.

To ensure that the new permissions take effect promptly, it’s often a good practice to reopen the page. This can be accomplished by signing out and back in again to your Azure Synapse Analytics Workspace account. Additionally, starting a fresh browser session can help clear any cached data or credentials that might be causing access issues. By doing so, you’ll ensure that the updated permissions are properly recognized and applied, allowing you to seamlessly access and utilize the resources within your workspace without any lingering access glitches.

Also, for a detailed understanding of Synapse RBAC and how it works, refer to our comprehensive guide: What is Synapse role-based access control (RBAC)?

Don’t let access problems slow you down. Get the right permissions in place and unlock the full potential of your Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics Workspace.

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