Remove Email Notification while tracking Appointments in Outlook and Microsoft D365

As a Microsoft consultant, I frequently encounter challenging issues that my clients face in their day-to-day work with various Microsoft products. Recently, a client presented me with a particularly vexing problem related to the integration of Outlook and Microsoft Dynamics 365, which I successfully resolved. In this post, I’ll outline the challenge and share the solution we devised in collaboration with Microsoft Support.

The Problem: Unnecessary Email Notifications

One of my clients used Outlook to create and coordinate appointments, which were then sent to multiple customers. Later, these appointments were linked to a CRM record in Microsoft Dynamics 365 with its Outlook integration. The issue arose when, upon linking with the CRM record, each invited participant received an additional email notification stating that the appointment had been updated. This led to confusion and inconvenience for my client’s customers.

The Solution: Deactivation of the Organization-Wide Setting FCB.MailAppAppointmentsReliablePromote

To address this issue, we reached out to Microsoft Support, who provided invaluable assistance. Together, we devised a solution that was satisfactory for my client. The key lay in deactivating an organization-wide setting called FCB.MailAppAppointmentsReliablePromote. This change ensured that synchronization no longer occurred immediately but rather at a later point in the synchronization cycle. As a result, no immediate email notifications were sent to customers, and updates were carried out in a silent mode.

Conclusion: Effective Solutions Through Collaboration with Microsoft Support

This experience underscores the importance of close collaboration with Microsoft Support in effectively resolving issues. By deactivating the organization-wide setting FCB.MailAppAppointmentsReliablePromote, we were able to address the nuisance of unnecessary email notifications successfully and improve my client’s workflow.

As a Microsoft consultant, it is my mission to assist my clients in maximizing their use of Microsoft products and resolving issues quickly and efficiently. If you’re facing similar challenges with Microsoft technologies,

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